Dap Thai

Dap Thai

Dap Thai

What is Dap Thai?

Dap Thai is the sport version of Krabi Krabong. It literally means “Thai Sword”, it involves fighting with protections and single or double padded swords.

Training and fighting swords are made of rattan and have a layer of padding to protect practitioners. Definitely not to be underestimated, in the hands of an expert Nakdab (sword fighter), they can do quite some damage!

We spar and fight under the rules set by Dap Thai Society, the body that organises the Dap Thai World Championship under KMA (small variations during training may apply).

What do I need to attend Dap Thai classes?

You can just show up and try: we will provide you with wooden and soft padded swords for technique drills and light sparring. We will not force you to spar at any time, but we are 100% confident that you will enjoy practicing and sooner or later you will want to try it. Practicing against a resisting opponent is key to develop reflexes, coordination, stamina and to test skills and resilience.

To practice safely you will need:

  • * large and comfortable clothes (why not getting our uniform?)
  • * thick gloves
  • * padded armour
  • * fencing mask
  • * groin protection
  • * shin pads
  • * elbow and knee pads
  • * padded shorts

We will let you use our gloves, armours and fencing masks at first, but we strongly recommend you to buy your own… we all know what happens when people train hard and enjoy their practice: they sweat profusely! We do not provide pads for shins, elbows, knees and groin guards.

You can bring any thick gloves for sparring, we usually recommend hockey gloves as they can thoroughly protect your arms and fingers. Any simple fencing mask will do, you do not need electrical sensors or any expensive model.. you just need to protect your head 🙂

Please talk to Kru Nuat if you desire placing an order for gloves or fencing masks.

I am a complete beginner, is it safe for me to spar?

We cannot promise you (or your ego) will not get some bruises every now and then, but we can assure that the level of protections involved is enough to minimise the risk of injuries. You will be pushed physically and mentally according to your level, sparring is always supervised and aggressive/abusive behaviour will not be tolerated under any circumstance.

Challenge yourself in safe sparring sessions

Dap Thai

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