Krabi Krabong

Krabi Krabong

Krabi Krabong

What is Krabi Krabong?

Krabi Krabong is a traditional weapon based Martial Art originated in Thailand. Its name refers to two of the many weapons used, Krabi (a thin sword) and Krabong (pole, staff), to hint to short and long ranges every weapon fighter needs to master. Do not call it Krabi though! Krabi is a province in the south-west coast of Thailand!

Our group specialises in Thai Sword or Daab, a single bladed sword of 90cm length approximately. In Krabi Krabong fighters use single or double swords (one in each hand),  Daab song mue. Advanced students will also practice and learn other weapons as staffs, shields, ngaos (bladed staffs), mai soks (wooden shields worn on forearms) etc..

What do I need to attend Krabi Krabong classes?

You can just show up and try: we will provide you with wooden and soft padded swords for technique drills and light sparring.

Classes alternate techniques and fast paced drills, make sure you get ready to patiently repeat your forms as well as sweat hard during combos and drills. Wear comfortable clothes and be ready to practice barefoot.

Is it dangerous to train with swords?

No worries, you will never practice with real, sharp swords against a human; advanced students sometimes have fun cutting water bottles but you will not se any real swords in training.

We practice with wooden sticks, padded sticks, hard plastic swords; metal blunt swords are for advanced practitioners.

We cannot promise you (or your ego) will not get some bruises every now and then, but we can assure that the level of protections involved is enough to minimise the risk of injuries. Beginners sometimes get blisters on their hands but that is something unavoidable if you want your skin to get tougher and handle weapons with ease.

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Krabi Krabong

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