Seminar in Brisbane

Tactical Thai Sword London seminar in Brisbane - Kru Nuat seminar

From 18th to 25th of September I travelled to Brisbane (Australia) at Sifu Jack Leung Practical Wing Chun Australia.

Sifu Jack and I met several times in Thailand and respected each others as Martial Artists, as well as teachers and human beings. We tried to organise a seminar in late spring this year, but due to some logistic setbacks, we had to postpone events for Practical Wing Chun Australia Spring Camp in September (which eventually I was very glad about due to the awesome weather lol).

During my stay in Brisbane I had the opportunity to meet again some of his students and meet a whole new lot of his instructors and other students. We Travelled to Gold Cost where the Spring Camp had been perfectly organised and I run Krabi Krabong and Muay Chaiya classes for his students and instructors, everybody worked hard to learn new techniques having plenty of fun at the same time. All the big smiles at the end of each sessions, the enthusiasm and the energy of these authentic martial artists made the experience memorable. I was also very happy I had the chance to meet Aaron Driver, a Tactical Thai Sword instructor I hadn’t met yet.

Massive thanks to Sifu Jacka and his beautiful students for having me and for organising such an awesome event. We’ll meet again in Bangkok soon with some of them, really hope to meet soon with the others in some part of this awesome world.

You can find some pictures of the seminar below:

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