Seminar in Lorrach

Seminar in Lorrach - Tactical Thai Sword London - Cyprus - Lorrach

From 12th to 15th of September I travelled to Lorrach (Germany) at Ajarn Harry Warburton’s Ayutthaya Gym.

For the third consecutive year we joined our Master, Kru Tosapon Surawasri, for another awesome weekend of seminars, shring knowledge of Krabi Krabong, Muay Chaiya and Muay Boran Combative System (a new system of stick fighting inspired by Traditional Thai Martial Arts). This year Kru Andreas Andreou from Cyprus joined us as well as Adonis from Cyprus and Steffi from London.
We had a blast teaching and training pretty much all time, but we also managed to shoot some videos at the beautiful Rotteln castle and of course we find the time to have some delicious italian ice-cream as always.

We met well known faces and new students, everybody worked hard and students were very happy to train as much as trainers were to teach and help. Overall another successful bunch of seminars from Tactical Thai Sword. Huge thanks to Ajarn Harry and Tina for having us and organising everything brilliantly, looking forward to meet again soon!

You can find some pictures of the seminar below, stay tuned for videos soon!

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