Seminar in Doncaster

Seminar in Doncaster by Kru Nuat

Last Sunday I travelled to Doncaster to teach a seminar at Mick Shore’s Academy of Martial Arts.

I met Mick Shore in Thailand while training in Phuket and we quickly came to respect each others attitude towards training and Martial Arts in general. Not long after, Mick asked to teach a seminar in his Academy and even before I came back from my last trip to Thailand we were already organising it.

Seminar went well and I was very happy to meet and teach to nice, humble and motivated people, all eager to learn more about Thai Martial Arts. We spent the first part practicing Krabi Krabong, going through basics, forms and simple drills as well as introducing the Thai Sword (Daab) and discussing about differences between hitting with sticks against cutting with bladed weapons. We then played with padded sticks to introduce practitioners to Dap Thai, the competitive version of Krabi Krabong; then towards the end of the seminar we also spent a little while practicing defensive elbows in Muay Chaiya.

Overall it was a good and productive day and I want to thank again Mick and his students for having me.

You can find some pictures of the seminar below:

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